COVID-19 Response | CEO Message

A message about COVID-19 from BoltFlare's CEO

Dear BoltFlare community,

The global situation regarding COVID-19 is evolving quickly. At BoltFlare, we are taking as many precautions as we can in order to “flatten the curve”, reducing transmission of this virus and protecting our staff and associates.

During this time of great uncertainty, I’m inspired by the energy, resilience and commitment of our staff. Following advice from the World Health Organization, all our employees are practicing “social distancing” by working from home until further notice. Staff have moved quickly to adapt and continuing to advance BoltFlare's work while balancing commitments to family, friends and themselves.

Strict travel restrictions are in place and public events have been cancelled or postponed. Many of our funders and partners have also reached out to us with words of support, recognizing that some projects and deliverables will inevitably change; we thank them for their understanding.

At BoltFlare, we are fortunate that so much of what we do is “thought-work” which allows for flexible hours, routines and locations. While this pandemic has forced us into a new challenging reality, we will continue to publish important research, take on exciting projects, share what we’re learning, forge new partnerships and advocate for better policy. You will continue to hear our experts in the media and receive BoltFlare updates through all our communication channels.

Together we will get through this and continue BoltFlare’s mission to create a sustainable world.

Ali Husnain
Chairman and CEO, BoltFlare
Mar 25, 2020

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